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Retirement Strategies

A key to any financial strategy is preparing for retirement. We offer  a variety of options to help our clients prepare for their leisure years.

Navigating the path to your retirement

Your journey toward retirement is unique to you. That’s why we created a guide with questions that can help you start envisioning and planning for the type of retirement that’s right for your goals, priorities and lifestyle.

Envision your retirement

What would you like to do in your retirement ( for example, travel or spend time on hobbies)? Do you see yourself living in a different location? What are important things your advisor should know about the lifestyle you'd like to have?

Retirement income

What income sources do you expect to have in retirement ( for example, Social Security or pension plan)?Would you like to leave a financial legacy through a charitable donation or inheritance for your family? Or would you like to enjoy your entire retirement income?

Caring for loved ones

Do you anticipate a change in your role as a caregiver for loved ones? If yes, when might you see this happening?

Your health care

Do you have a medical history that could affect your future health? Are there medical issues that run in your family that you want to be financially prepared for?

Your long-term care

How would you like to be cared for in your late retirement years, should the need arise? For example, would you like to be cared for in your own home, downsize to a smaller home, or perhaps move to a retirement community?

Your advisor is with you every step of the way.

Share your answers with us so we can help you tailor a plan around your retirement needs and goals.

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Retirement Planning
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